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What Do I Pay?

The following fees and monthly charges apply. Charges are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply.

Application & Reservation Fees:

The following fees are due in full at the time of application and are required in order to reserve an apartment. We will accept payment by check, money order, cashiers check or major credit card for all reservation fees.

  • Application Fee: Steve Brown Apartments does not charge application fees. A non-refundable credit check fee of $16 per person is due with your application.
  • Earnest Money: $100 is due in full at the time of application and is required in order to reserve an apartment until the application process is complete. Earnest Money will become a portion of your refundable Security Deposit upon execution of the lease agreement. If the application is rejected by management the Earnest Money will be refunded in full. If the application is approved and the applicant fails to take occupancy, management will retain the Earnest Money. 
  • Security Deposit: The Security Deposit for this apartment is equal to half-month's rent. The Earnest Money you've already paid will be applied to your Security Deposit balance. This means that at your lease signing, you will pay a deposit that's equal to half-month's rent, less the earnest money paid.

Monthly Recurring Charges:

Rent and fees are due on the first of each month. We will accept checks, money orders, cashiers checks, or online payments using a bank account or credit card for all monthly recurring charges. 

  • Rent: The monthly rent you pay is outlined in your lease agreement. 
  • Water & Sewer Fee: $16 per adult to cover your water and sewer usage. 
  • Pet Fee: $20 per month per dog.
  • Utilities: You will be responsible for all utilities in your apartment.

One Time Fees:

Additional one time fees may occur during the length of your lease, including: sublet fees, late rent payment fees, lost key/lock change fees, NSF fees from bounced checks and other potential fines as outlined in your lease.

Please note that additional third-party fees apply for all credit/debit card payments.