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Please refer to your lease to determine which utilities you are responsible for. You will need to set up your utilities. Please call the provider of your choice well in advance to establish service.

» Electricity Provider: Madison Gas & Electric · 608-252-7222
» Internet Provider: ResTech Services, through Steve Brown Apartments · 
    Please ask your Resident Relations Coordinator for an order form
» Telephone Provider: ResTech Services · 608-663-3868
» Telephone Provider: TDS Telecom · 800-609-4019
» Telephone Provider: Charter Communications · 800-581-0081
» Cable TV Provider: DirecTV through ResTech Services · 608-663-3868

You should call MG&E at least one week (but no more than one month) prior to the start date of your lease to arrange for the service to be transferred to your name. These apartments do not require gas service

You may have additional lines installed in your apartment if you wish, for multiple roommates or for computer lines. Any charges for additional line installation are your responsibility, as are charges for adding or moving phone jacks.

As your lease states, satellite dishes cannot be attached to any of our buildings.