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About Your Apartment

Here is some additional information to help you once you're settled in: 

Policies and Guidelines

» You are responsible for providing light bulbs for all fixtures, batteries for your smoke detector and fuses for your fuse box. 

» It is recommended that you have a plunger for your toilet and hair traps for shower drains. You are responsible for maintaining free running drains. Please do not flush sanitary napkins.

» Please don't overload your electrical outlets. This practice causes fuses and circuit breakers to blow, and in some cases can cause fire.

» You must keep the hallways in the buildings common areas clear to keep other residents safe. At most flats, you are also responsible for keeping the area immediately outside of your apartment clean.

» Be a good neighbor. If you see something suspicious please report it to the authorities or to us. Also make sure you don't prop open security locked building entrances.

» If you leave your apartment unattended for more than a day or two please take these precautions: In the summer, turn off the A/C. In the winter, set your heat to at least 60 degrees so the pipes won't freeze. Always lock all doors and windows and remove any trash.

Trash Pickup

» Trash should be taken to the provided garbage cans or dumpsters on a regular basis. Please do not leave trash in the hallway or grounds. You will be fined if you are doing so. 

» If your community doesn't have a dumpster, city trash pickup is on Wednesday. The trashcans will be taken to the curb for you on Tuesday. Please visit the city's website for complete guidelines.

» Recycling is mandatory in Madison. This is done through the City of Madison or by a private company. Both use single stream (mixed) recycling so you do not need to sort recyclables. Please visit the city's website for complete details.

Maintenance and Emergency Procedures

» Non-Emergency Maintenance: Non-emergency maintenance requests can be completed online using the Online Resident Portal (Rent Cafe), or you can reach us by phone during normal business hours.

» Emergency Maintenance: If the emergency happens during our normal business hours, please call our offices immediately. If emergency maintenance is needed when our offices are closed, call 608-283-3133.

» Critical Emergencies: If you experience a critical emergency such as a fire or gas leak, call the appropriate authority first: Police and fire, call 911. Gas or electricity emergency, call MGE at 608-252-7111. After the authorities have been notified please also call our offices or emergency maintenance line, 608-383-3133.