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Move in Information

At Steve Brown Apartments, we hope your move-in experience will be a positive one. In order to help you with your move-in arrangements, we encourage you to use this checklist. 

Before the Move

» If you're moving in during mid-August, please click here to schedule a move in time. If you are moving in during a different time-frame, please ensure that you have scheduled a time for your lease signing and your move in day with your Resident Relations Coordinator.

» Enroll in a Renter's Insurance Policy and send us a copy of the insurance certificate. Keys will not be issued unless an insurance certificate has been provided. 

» Be sure the total of earnest money and security deposit due for your apartment is paid on or before you arrive. Keys will not be issued unless the security deposit and first month's rent for the entire apartment are paid in full. 

» Set up all necessary utilities for your new apartment home in your name, effective for your move-in date. If you are moving in during the August rush, call early as wait times for Internet, cable, and phone connections can be long. 

» During the course of the year we are happy to accept your packages if you have them shipped to our offices. We are unable offer this service during the August move-in rush and we cannot accept packages for you before you move-in.

» If you are still in need of parking, there is a good chance we still have parking available either at your building or at a location near by. Call our offices at 605-255-7100 to secure a spot.

Day of the Move

Move in Day: Listed on your lease
Where You'll Check In: If you're arriving on 8/1, please check in at Brownlofts, at 1815 Univ. Ave. All other dates, please check in at 120 W. Gorham St.

» Your move in appointment will generally take less than half an hour. Once all balances are paid and we have proof of renters insurance, we'll provide you with your new keys and all of the other necessities you'll need. 

» The parking garage will be open for you to park in during your appointment or while working with our staff. Please do not leave your vehicle in the garage for extended periods of time as a courtesy to all residents. 

» We will be inspecting your apartment before you arrive. We will notify you of any finishing touches that are outstanding when you come to pick up your keys.

» Please fill out your move-in inspection sheet right away. This form is to protect your security deposit. Write down any problems at the beginning, and return the form within 10 days. 

» Please make sure key card and your doors and windows at ground level or off of a fire escape have working locks. Please note that per building code, windows that could potentially be opened from street level have a restrictor bar on them and will only open up to 45 degrees. If there are problems with your doors or windows please let us know immediately.

Before Election Day

» If you are an eligible citizen please remember to register to vote. Click here for the City of Madison voter registration form.